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Cracked Laptop Screen 800x350

Have a cracked LCD Screen?
Average cost is $120.00 (Parts & Labor)

Monday to Friday : 10am – 7pm
Saturday : 10am – 4:30pm
Sunday : Closed
No Appointment Necessary!!!

Renner IT helps keep our prices down by not marking up the screens we sell you. We make our money from the labor ($60), not the parts. If we ever give you a higher quote of $140 – $170 for the parts alone… that is not our markup –  that just means the screen is in limited supply.

Renner IT carries and keeps in stock several screens but we can not carry all of them.  If we need to order a part from our vendor it usually takes 2 days from our primary supplier or 3-5 days from other suppliers. To help speed this process up, we install all parts the same day they are shipped to us.

Want a Quote over the Phone?
No problem!  Just call us at 618.207.4367 and let us know the make, model, and size of your computer, and whether it is touch screen.  We will look up the part and give you quote in less than 5 Minutes!

Need help looking for your model number? 
Toshiba usually has a nice big silver sticker on the bottom of the laptop

Toshiba Model Number
HP also puts their model number on the bottom of the laptop or under the removable battery.
Link to HP.com’s how to locate our model page
HP Model Number
Laptop Model Number Under Battery
Dell usually places their model number somewhere near the keyboard.  They can also be found on the back of the computer, but not always.
Dell Laptop Model Number
If you still can not find their model number Dell has a great service tag look up that you can give us and we can search it on dell.com’s site. Link to Dell Service Tag Look-Up
Dell Laptop Service Tag Number

Still having problems? Then just bring it in to us 🙂