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Being the victim of an infected computer is definitely not fun.  No matter what anti-virus program you have or how updated your system is, viruses still seem to find their way in.  Viruses are trouble-makers.  They are designed to lock you out of your system, delete your files, and/or steal your information.  If you fall victim to a virus or other malware, call Renner Technology now!  Renner IT has the fastest repair service at the lowest prices around!

Almost all viruses are removed in 2-3 Business days.  Some of the more nasty ones could delay that timeline, but you are still looking at less than a 5 day turn around.  No more 2-3 week wait like you’d get from our competitors!

$90 Flat Fee for Actual Virus
$70 Flat Fee for Basic Virus Removals
2-3 Days Average Turn Around Repair Time

Monday to Friday : 10am – 7pm
Saturday : 10am – 4:30pm
Sunday : Closed
No Appointment Necessary!!!


— Extra Customer Protection —

Renner Technology does everything it can to ensure that customers are happy.  Virus removals are very stressful on a computer’s hard drive.  If a customer brings us a damaged hard drive, a virus removal might kill it.  In order to prevent any potential trouble, we take it upon ourselves to test each hard drive before we work on their system.  We do this at absolutely no extra charge.  It might make us work more, but we hope these small services will keep you coming back.


 — Here are some Examples of Money Pack Virus Scams & Phone Call Scams —

These are designed to fill your screen and prevent you from doing anything to get back to your desktop. They often feature major foreign and domestic agencies. Many of these viruses also activate your webcam and mic, providing more of a scare factor. All of this to scare you to send them a set amount of money via a money wire.

ice-ransomware-cyber-crime-center-virusFBI-Warnning-1Computer Virus Scam Call Number 1 Computer Virus Scam Call Number 2Computer Virus Scam Call Number 4 Computer Virus Scam Call Number 3